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Harkers is the leading brand in pigeon care in the racing world, and specialises in a range of treatments. The recently launched new and exclusive Harkers 4-in-1 tablets, a single tablet treatment for canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites, has revolutionised the way pigeon fanciers can treat their birds. Also new on the market is our
Harkers Pro B, a supplementary feed for pigeons with probiotic effect.

We also supply 3  in  1 tablets and liquid; Coxitabs; Harkaverm tablets and liquid;
Harka-Mectin; Harka-Mitex; Adenoplus and Broncholin. Harkers continues to supply longstanding products such as Coxoid; Harkanker Soluble; Spartrix; Duramitex Plus; Hormova; Harkavit Super Plus; Loft Treatment; Vykil and Hormoform, the leading feed supplement for racing pigeons.