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Worms and Parasites

WORMS & PARASITES: ~ There are many that infect pigeons. The most important and most commonly encountered internal parasites are roundworm, hairworm, tapeworm, and external parasites, lice and mites.

Worms are primary and serious parasites which must be completely eradicated. Failure to do so seriously compromises the bird’s optimal health required for peak performance and increases its vulnerability to secondary diseases. There are three common intestinal worms – roundworm, hairworm and tapeworm.

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Roundworm and Hairworm live in the digestive tract and release eggs, passed with the bird’s droppings. These eggs, if accidentally ingested, become infectious after several days and hatch, growing into new worms.

There is no easy way to tell whether your birds in the loft have these parasites, as the adult worms are only rarely passed in droppings and Hairworms are virtually invisible.

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Tapeworm also live in the pigeon’s digestive tract. They have a head which embeds deeply into the lining of the pigeon’s bowel. Behind this head are segments, effectively packets of eggs, which continue to form a long chain until the more mature ones eventually snap off and pass from the pigeon’s cloaca.

The small ones look like white pieces of cotton trailing through the dropping, larger ones look like pieces of rice stuck to the surface of the droppings. These soon become part of the food chain, continuing the infestation cycle if left untreated.

TREATMENTS: 3 in 1 Tablets, HarkaMectin