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Harkers Tablets now packed in tubs

3 in 1, 4 in 1, Coxitabs and Spartrix

Harkers Tablets now packed in tubs

3 in 1, 4 in 1, Coxitabs and Spartrix

Brand new Wonder Pigeon GP (Green Power) produces fantastic results

Builds super muscles for the racing period

Harkers recently added new product Wonder Pigeon GP to its range of Racing Pigeon products alongside Wonder Pigeon, developing two products to assist birds at all life stages with fitness and health. Richard Boylin, a lifelong fancier and well known on the racing circuit is a fan of the new Harkers products and a convert.

“Since using “Wonder Pigeon GP” alongside ”Wonder Pigeon” I am totally amazed at the health of all my Young Birds in their nests, in what can only be described as the most miserable months of weather so far this year. I really cannot ever remember having such a truly healthy first round of young birds in my entire life! When the only noticeable difference in the feeding regime was using the above two golden products combined and also in their own separate merit… It can be stated that most forward looking fanciers do a certain amount of “inbreeding”, attempting to “contain” successfully-winning genes from their very best modern day winning pigeons, with the sole intention of retaining and “fixing” the qualities of a certain type of pigeon they want to preserve and go forward with into the future. I used to think that you were bound to get some inbred misfit casualties along the way, but by using Wonder Pigeon GP and Wonder Pigeon combined, I have witnessed not one young bird in my entire stock loft go wrong, or have any disorder of any kind this year and to be totally truthful all my young birds look and feel 100% healthy to the core. I am utterly convinced that Wonder Pigeon and Wonder Pigeon GP are solely responsible for the quality shown in health terms.

Furthermore, it has to be stated that these amazing health products are quite unique in as much that no other supplement health giving product on the market today comes anywhere near as good! It is a well-known fact that I have raced pigeons successfully for well over 60 years. I am now well into my seventies, getting old and very grey, but not too old to learn something new and I worship the day I first tried out “Wonder Pigeon”, for it is fact that this remarkable product has opened my eyes to what healthy pigeons really should look and feel like. None of us should ever forget, that in order to obtain super fitness you first need very “healthy” pigeons. By using Wonder Pigeon and its sister GP, you will notice in a very short space of time when exercising and training your pigeons the amount of excess fat your pigeons will lose… which is the number one enemy for all racing pigeons.

Many of our friends, including myself, also participate in cross breeding and of course line breeding sometimes with very mixed results. Using the two products mentioned I have found gives better results, but I suppose it must come down to the quality of pigeons that you are breeding from in the first place. Using the new and exciting Wonder Pigeon GP you can choose to cross or line breed and at the end of the day, no matter which path you prefer to go down, I can verify that by using such a product does indeed, truthfully speaking, produce nothing but truly outstanding, 100% healthy pigeons. It is plain to see the full fitness of my race team, especially at their morning and evening exercise periods. At this moment in time I can clean my lofts out and still go indoors for a cup of tea before my pigeons finally stop flying and enter the lofts.

Before I finish there is one other very important point that needs to be stated loud and clear, and that is the fact that I have noticed when using these two products together all my pigeons are getting leaner, and more muscle every day in preparation for racing season just starting, with no surplus fat to carry. Energy of course comes from food and muscle can only be brought about from regular exercise on a never-ending basis and nothing else! I have found that my pigeons exercise freely with much vigour and are never forced to fly… it’s the type of exercise that ALL fanciers want to see every day when exercising their pigeons on a regular basis.

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Faye Bullard